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Selling Property

Selling property

So you want your property sold asap for the best price.

But the buyer’s offer is subject to finance. Should you keep looking for a buyer?
The agent said you’ll get the deposit in three days - where is it? You’re relying on it to pay for your next purchase.
And the buyer wants us to fix a whole lot of stuff on the building inspector’s list. What should we do? Do we really need to fix everything on there?
There’s a mistake in the property boundaries. What do we need to do about it?

These are just a few common issues we can help you with.

Selling property with JMC

At JMC, you’ll be taken care of from the moment you contact us.

We help you:

  • Prepare The Contract of Sale and Section 32s (legally required before listing)
  • Include all relevant building permit details or owner/builder report if required
  • Distribute your Section 32s to your real estate agent
  • Begin the discharge process with your bank in anticipation of settlement
  • Prepare Section 27 requests
  • Get the right forms for your situation, eg. an Authority to Act form, Discharge Authorities, Section 2
  • Arrange the Compulsory Verification of Identity process
  • Keep in touch with your agent on the progress of the sale.


Q: What happens to the deposit if the purchaser decides for whatever reason (finance falls through etc.) that they no longer want to go ahead with the purchase? Do we get the deposit to cover all of our lost time and prospective other buyers?

A: If the contract is ended under conditions such as subject to finance or building inspection, the full deposit will need to be returned to the purchaser by the Settling Agent.

Q: Can we or the Purchasers change the settlement date?

A: A final settlement date can be changed by mutual agreement of all parties.

Q: My agent told me I can get the deposit in 3 days. Why haven’t I got it yet?

A: There’s a legal process that occurs for you to get the deposit released. This includes processing of Section 27 documentation, and receiving the Section 27 statement from your bank. It can take up to 4 weeks.

Q: Do we have to fix all the things on the building inspection list?

A: The Vendor is not obligated to fix or attend to defects on the Building Inspector’s Report - unless they are major structural defects. The Purchaser may ask for minor items to be fixed or attended to - and you may like to consider some of these items.

JMC provided us with 'first class customer service' throughout the whole process which continued even after settlement. We couldn't be more impressed by the generosity they provided by going that extra mile for us as customers. We would highly recommend JMC to anyone buying and/ or selling their house. - Peter and Lauren

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Julie Morris

For all of your Property Transaction needs... whether you are Purchasing / Selling or simply Refinancing… whether you are a First Home Buyer / Upsizing / Downsizing or an Investor - JMC are the team you can rely on.