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Related Parties Transfers

Has there been a separation of marriage or defacto situation?
Do you want to add your partner’s name onto your property title?
Would you like to transfer your property to the kids?

We can help you make the transfer happen quickly and smoothly.

An example of the transfer process for a marriage or defacto separation:

  1. Attain a copy of council rates notice
  2. Title search is made
  3. Check with family law solicitor to comply with any court orders
  4. Instructions from both parties taken into account
  5. Land is transferred from 2 names into 1
  6. Identify payout through bank mortgage documents
  7. Settlement.

Stamp Duty

It’s important to note that you may or may not need to pay stamp duty depending on your situation:

Exempt: Married, de-facto or couples in a bonafide relationship.

Applicable: Brother to sister, parent to child

(the amount of stamp duty to be paid is based on the current market value of the property).

Contact us to get your transfer sorted out easily and quickly.

Julie Morris

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