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Buying Property

You’re almost there...

You almost have that 'golden key' to the house of your dreams - or that investment property you have those grand plans for.

But will your finance actually get through? It’s subject to approval, which makes you really nervous. And when it goes through. What’s next?

The Section 32 (Vendor’s Statement) looks ok, but what if you’re missing something important. The seller’s extra condition may be unfair. Or they’ve made an edit to the general terms that you haven’t picked up.

What do you owe at settlement? What stamp duty do you need to pay?

At JMC, we take care of these concerns from property buyers like you, every day…

Buying property with JMC

At JMC, you’ll be taken care of from the moment you contact us:

  • Section 32 Appraisal and Recommendations
  • Organise finance extension if required
  • Organise building and pest inspection
  • Let you know must-dos during your 3 day cooling off period
  • Remind you of special conditions in your Section 32 eg. rebates like First Home Buyer
  • Insurances eg. Title Insurance if required
  • Prepare your Adjustment Statement with a rundown of your portion for: rates, water, and owners corp fees (if applicable)
  • Final Statement of Account
  • Progress of settlement
  • Transfer of land documents
  • Final inspection reminders and regular follow ups.


We understand how exciting yet incredibly worrying the final days of settlement can be. There’s so much to do before the big day. 

So to help you stay on track, we’ll contact you often during the final 10 days leading up to settlement. There’s a big To Do list and we’re here to help you get through it! It’s the little things that make a big difference, for example:

  • Have you arranged your final inspection?
  • Have any special conditions been satisfied?
  • Are your utilities in your name and connected?
  • Where and when will you pick up your keys?
  • Is there enough money in your account for settlement after Stamp Duty and Titles Office Fees?
  • What is the best form of payment?
  • Have you booked your removalist - and know what time you can move in?

We’ll follow up our letters with email, calls, and face to face meetings to keep you on track.

My daughter and I spoke to a number of conveyancers when we bought our first home together. Julie definitely came across as one of the most helpful and approachable people that we had spoken to. I can't rate Julie highly enough. If you are looking for someone who will try to cater to your every need and deliver each time. Then you need look no further. - Kerrie  


Q: Should I put an unconditional offer on the property?

A: It is understandable that you may be tempted to make an unconditional offer to get the best chance of securing the property. But this means that if you can’t complete the contract, you’ll lose your deposit and be left in a vulnerable position. Your finance might not come through. Or a building and pest inspector could find major structural issues with the property.

To make sure you’re protected, we recommend you make an offer subject to finance and other conditions. This offers you the best protection as a Purchaser. And you can get back your deposit even after the cooling off period.

Q: What stamp duty do I have to pay?

A: Stamp duty is based on the purchase price and whether you are eligible for any concessions such as the first home buyer rebate. As an investor, you may get most of your stamp duty back, as well as other expenses. We’ll help you work out what you owe.

Q: I’ve received finance from the bank. What do I do next?

A: We’ll prepare a few documents for you to sign such as transfer documents, stamp duty documents,and identification documents. It’s important to get these back to us asap so we can check and give them them to the right people with plenty of time to spare before settlement.

Book in for a free appraisal of your contract...

Julie Morris

For all of your Property Transaction needs... whether you are Purchasing / Selling or simply Refinancing… whether you are a First Home Buyer / Upsizing / Downsizing or an Investor - JMC are the team you can rely on.